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All Saunas Are Made In Canada Only!
Due to high demand for our products and supply chain issues, please expect lead times of 2 to 12 weeks depending on the product you order. In addition, prices will be subject to change up to the day of shipment. We thank you for your understanding.


Regular Sauna use, scientifically proven increases your energy levels, massively improves your mood, helps you get rid of chronic inflammation and pain, lowers blood pressure, enhances detoxification, improves brain health, helps with weight loss, increases muscle growth, supports faster post – work out recovery, improves skin health, helps prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia, improves lung function, makes your cellular power plants the mitochondria stronger, improves your physical endurance and stamina and is proven to reduce your risks dying of heart attack and other diseases of the modern world by 40 to 60 percent.


Traditional Saunas, Infrared Saunas, Outdoor Showers and more!

The Sauna Shop offers a wide range of prefabricated or custom made traditional and infrared Saunas as well as Outdoors Showers for residential and commercial use.
We are located in Hamilton, Ontario and selling our quality products across Canada.

All of our Sauna’s are manufactured eco-friendly with Canadian wood from replenishing and sustainable mills that take the environment seriously. If you are looking for reliable and safe to use made in Canada Sauna

We are happy to help you.



  • Safe and reliable quality Sauna`s made in Canada
  • Canadian Wood sourced from replenishing and sustainable mills
  • Industry leading heater, stove and ceramic infrared emitter technology
  • Quality Canadian craftmanship goes in each Sauna
  • We offer local installation services
  • Personalized consulting session
  • In dept knowledge on the physiology effects of sauna use
  • Rent a traditional Sauna program before you make a buying decision available
  • Sauna guide and wellness package with each purchase
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Please always consult your doctor before Sauna use if you have a serious pre-existing health condition or if you pregnant.

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