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All Saunas Are Made In Canada Only!
Due to high demand for our products and supply chain issues, please expect lead times of 2 to 12 weeks depending on the product you order. In addition, prices will be subject to change up to the day of shipment. We thank you for your understanding.

Sauna Air Quality

Everyone knows that saunas have to be heated up properly. Opinions vary on whether you need 140 or 200°Fahrenheit (60 or 100°C) for a delightful sauna experience, but this is something in which it is easy not to solely rely…

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Sauna is a powerful detoxification tool

Saunas may also be the single most powerful tool we have for detoxification from environmental chemicals and heavy metals. Sauna use shows real promise for detoxification from heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, drugs, and pesticides. Many toxicants have long half-lives and…

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Why SAUNA use Massively Improves Mood

Sauna use has been shown to combat depression in numerous ways. Depression has been linked in numerous studies to elevated core body temperature. Research shows that, counterintuitively, giving people with depression a brief hit of even higher body temperature (e.g.…

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Please always consult your doctor before Sauna use if you have a serious pre-existing health condition or if you pregnant.

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