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All Saunas Are Made In Canada Only!
Better health and well being for all, now and for future generations by connecting people to the power of heat.

Barrel / Clear Cedar


This unique barrel sauna concept makes our outdoor clear western cedar barrel saunas an exciting investment that generations can enjoy.  Our Western Red Cedar barrel saunas have 1 1/2″ thick walls for a long natural insulation and the barrel design give you a much smaller heating area than any rectangular sauna with plenty of room for bathers.

Saaku Electric Sauna heaters are manufactured by TyloHelo Inc. The Saaku CP models have the control built in the front base. The mixes a combination of durable non-rusting components; including galvanized baffles and a pristine stainless steel shell. The Saaku is standard with our Cabin Saunas, POD Saunas and Barrel Saunas. The built in control is more convenient with the pre-fab solid log construction. Saaku sauna heater come with a 50 lb. box of rocks. Saaku sauna heaters are ETLc approved.

Sauna Door

Solid cedar door frame with full glass bronze tempered window


Marine grade aluminum bands with stainless steel tightening hardware

Canadian Cedar

Solid Canadian Cedar Construction

Front Porch With Benches

This 2′ (60 cm) front porch option provides a comfortable cooling down area outside your sauna.

Change Room

4′ (120 cm) Change room With Benches offers a convenient changing area when your sauna is farther away.

Flat Floor

Flat Floor on Inside of Sauna is great for walking on and also removable for easy cleaning.

Front Windows

2 Windows in Front Wall add more natural light for the inside of barrel sauna.

Back Window

20″x 30″ (50 x 76 cm) Window in back wall is only available with electric sauna heaters.

Lounge Benches

Adjustable lounge benches available only in 7′ (214 cm) diameter barrels and only 7′ (214 cm) or 8′ (244 cm) long saunas.

Signature Benches

Signature Sauna Bench upgrade includes curved benches, back rests and floor.

Overhang Cove

Overhang Cove on front wall above door, keeps the rain and snow away from the open sauna door.

Electric Heater

Saaku Electric Sauna heaters have the control built in the front base and are ETLc approved.

Wood Heater

Outside feed wood burning sauna heaters are perfect for the country home or cottage.

Harvia Heater

Inside feed Harvia wood burning heater is Made in Finland and features a glass door.

Bevel Siding Roof

EPDM Rubber roof with cedar bevel siding and trim on front and back.

EPDM Slat Roof

Additional EPDM rubber roof upgrade on barrel sauna, nice option but not required.

Round Window

Add privacy to your sauna with a smaller door window.
Item #DescriptionPrice
PORCH02' Porch on Sauna (Same price all sizes, Incl. Outside Benches)$1,816
CHANGE04' Changeroom on Sauna ( Same price all sizes, Includes Benches and extra Door Wall)$4,140
EPDM0EPDM Roof with 2x2" Square (4cm) Boards$2,098
BEVEL08Clear Cedar Bevel Roof with EPDM Rubber (8' & Shorter)t$1,773
BEVEL09Clear Cedar Bevel Roof with EPDM Rubber (9' & Longer)$2,395
COVE0Overhang Cove on Front$372
SFOptional Floor in Sauna(need to order 2 floors if also in changeroom)$297
W22 Windows in Front Wall - 9" x 26" bronzed plate glass$256
W1Window in Back Wall - 20" x 30" bronzed glass (electric heated models only)$259
Item #Signature Interior Upgrades Price
20SSU2' Signature Sauna Porch Upgrade$175
40SSU4' Signature Sauna Changeroom Upgrade$381
60SSU6' Long Signature Barrel Sauna Interior$628
70SSU7' Long Signature Barrel Sauna Interior$713
80SSU8' Long Signature Barrel Sauna Interior$851

Lounge seating only available in 7′ diameter barrel saunas that are 7′ or 8′ long. Panoramic saunas with electric heater will have the adjustable bench only on one side.

Item #Lounge Seating UpgradesPrice
20LLU2' Lounge Sauna Porch Upgrade$174
40LLU4' Lounge Sauna Porch Upgrade$338
70LLU7' Long Lounge Barrel Sauna Interior$1,335
80LLU8' Long Lounge Barrel Sauna Interior $1,397

Signature Interior Upgrades includes

Sauna floor, curved benches with mortise and tenon joints, walls from benches to floor, full length cedar backrests inside

Signature porch and change room upgrade includes

cedar floor, curved benches with mortise and tenon joints, walls from benches to floor

Lounge seating interior upgrades includes

Sauna floor, adjustable benches with mortise and tenon joints, walls from benches to floor, full length cedar backrests inside



Barrel / Clear Cedar

ModelSizePrice suggested electric heater Number of People
6606' Dia x 6' Long$7,277Sakku 4.4KW1 to 4
6706' Dia x 7' Long$7,705Sakku 4.4KW1 to 4
6806' Dia x 8' Long$8,699Sakku 6KW1 to 8
7607' Dia x 6' Long$7,943Sakku 6KW1 to 4
7707' Dia x 7' Long$8,431Sakku 6KW1 to 6
7807' Dia x 8' Long$9,796Sakku 8KW1 to 8
Electric HeaterDescriptionPriceVolts/PhaseAmps/Breaker/Wire Size
CP-45Saaku 4.4 KW electric heater$974240/119/20/10
CP-60Saaku 6KW electric heater$1,019240/125/30/10
CP-80Saaku - 8KW$1,094240/134/40/8
Wood Burning Heater OptionsDescriptionPrice
SB-210HARVIA M3 internal feed with glass door $1,050
required chimney & heat shield kit
SB-214 Chimney & Heat Shield Set for Harvia M3 (Chimney Out the TOP)$1,019
SB-212Chimney & Heat Shield Set for Harvia M3 (Chimney Out the BACK WALL)$1,436
SB-108Dundalk cast iron Heater external feed incl. chimney kit$1,189

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Please always consult your doctor before Sauna use if you have a serious pre-existing health condition or if you pregnant.

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