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All Saunas Are Made In Canada Only!
Due to high demand for our products and supply chain issues, please expect lead times of 2 to 12 weeks depending on the product you order. In addition, prices will be subject to change up to the day of shipment. We thank you for your understanding.

LUNA / Knotty Western Red Cedar


If you are looking for a modern and unique outdoor cedar sauna for your home or cottage then you have found the Sauna! The gently rounded corners not only have added appeal but gives you lots of space on the interior of the sauna. The beautiful Canadian Knotty Western Red Cedar is beautiful, long lasting and has the aroma that we all love.

Includes the windows and 2 tier seating with rounded bench fronts.

Available in 3 sizes:

8’W x 6’L (244 x 182 cm) – 2 tier seating on back wall

8’W x 7’L (244 x 214 cm) – 2 tiers L shape seating on back and side wall.

8’W x 8’L (244 x 244 cm) – 2 tier seating on both side walls

Customized bench layouts available, contact us for more information.

Saaku Electric Sauna heaters are manufactured by TyloHelo Inc. The Saaku CP models have the control built in the front base. The mixes a combination of durable non-rusting components; including galvanized baffles and a pristine stainless steel shell. The Saaku Heater is standard with our Cabin Saunas, POD Saunas and Barrel Saunas. The built in control is more convenient with the pre-fab solid log construction. Saaku Sauna Heater come with a 50 lb. box of rocks. Saaku Sauna Heater are ETLc approved.

Knotty Western Red Cedar

Knotty Western Red Cedar walls, floor and bevel Siding with Clear Cedar Benches & Door and EPDM rubber layer under the bevel siding to make it water resistant.

2 Tier Benches

The LUNA Saunas all feature 2 tier benches made out of Clear Western Red Cedar with rounded fronts for extra comfort.

Bronze Tempered Glass

Bronze Tempered double pane glass windows in the sauna front wall are standard in all kits.

EPDM Waterproof Roof

The EPDM Rubber comes standard with every kit to cover the roof and sides. Bevel Siding then covers the sides and trim on both ends.

L Shape Benches

Customize your sauna layout with our 2 tier and L shape bench options.

Sauna Accessories

Many cedar sauna accessories to choose from to enhance your sauna experience.

Electric Heat

Saaku Electric Sauna heaters have the control built in the front base and are ETLc approved.

Harvia Heater

Inside feed Harvia wood burning heater is Made in Finland and features a glass door.

Wood Heater

Outside feed wood burning sauna heaters are perfect for the country home or cottage.

Lounge Seat

Lounge Seating LUNA Sauna UpgradePrice
Item #Sauna Size/Style
LUPORCH2' Lounge Bench on Luna Porch$198
LUBACKLounge Bench on Back Wall of Luna Sauna Works on the Back Wall of all Sizes Luna Sauna$712
Side Wall Lounge Benches are not available in 6' Long Luna Saunas Refer to Support Page on website for layout drawings with measurements.
LU717’ Long Lounge Luna Sauna Interior 1 Side Only - Other Side has 2 Teir Side Wall Benches$676
LU727’ Long Lounge Luna Sauna Interior Both Sides have Lounge Benches$1,355
LU818’ Long Lounge Luna Sauna Interior 1 Side Only - Other Side has 2 Teir Side Wall Benches$712
LU828’ Long Lounge Luna Sauna Interior Both Sides have Lounge Benches$1,425

Lounge seating interior upgrade includes

Adjustable benches with mortise & tenon joints, walls from benches to floor

Lounge seating porch includes

Benches with mortise & tenon joints, walls from benches to floor

LUNA / Knotty Western Red Cedar

ModelSizePrice suggested Electric Heater Number of People
862LU8' Wide x 6' Deep$10,6056KW2 to 4
872LU8' Wide x 7' Deep$10,8228KW4 to 6
882LU8' Wide x 8' Deep$11,4658KW6 to 8
Model With Front Porch (add 24" to total depth, the sauna area stays the same size.)
862LUP8' Wide x 6' Deep$11,5886KW2 to 4
872LUP8' Wide x 7' Deep$12,2708KW4 to 6
882LUP8' Wide x 8' Deep$12,9138KW6 to 8
Electric HeaterDescriptionPriceVolts/PhaseAmps/Breaker/Wire Size
CP-60Saaku Heater - 6KW$1,019240/126/40/8
CP-80Saaku Heater - 8KW$1,094240/135/50/8
Wood burning heater optionsDescriptionPrice
SB-210HARVIA M3 internal feed with glass door$1,050
required chimney & heat shield kit
SB-212Chimney & Heat Shield Set for Harvia M3 (Chimney Out the BACK WALL)$1,436
SB-108Dundalk cast iron external feed heater incl. chimney kit$1,668

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Please always consult your doctor before Sauna use if you have a serious pre-existing health condition or if you pregnant.

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