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Our Premium Panoramic View Western Clear Red Cedar Barrel Sauna comes with an acrylic bubble back wall that allows you to see the beautiful view of you lake or landscape from inside the sauna. This unique sauna feels spacious and the views just add to the relaxing feeling when in the sauna. Western Clear Red Cedar Barrel Saunas are made with 1 1/2″ cedar boards and stainless steel hardware will ensure this barrel sauna lasts a long time. The Barrel design give you a much smaller heating area than any rectangular sauna with plenty of room for bathers. With up to 3 different bench options to choose from friends and family can comfortably enjoy a relaxing time in the sauna. The Sauna is highly customizable and build in Ontario from Western Clear Red Cedar out of British Columbia.


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Panoramic View Barrel / Western Clear Red Cedar

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  • Pick your model here

    NOTE: one bench needs to get cut shorter if you choose ELECTRIC HEATER !

    • Fits 1 - 4 People
    • Fits 1 - 6 People
    • Fits 1 - 8 People

    The correct heaters will display once the sauna model has been chosen.

    Pick your heater here / ROCKS INLCUDED! 

    • Wood Burning Sauna Heater - incl. rocks / Wood Burning Sauna Heater - incl. rocks / stainless steel chimney kit & heat shield for floor
    • Wood Burning Sauna Heater - incl. rocks / stainless steel chimney kit & heat shield for floor + water tank

    Pick your room upgrades here

    A FLAT FLOOR needs to get added if you go with a wood burning heater!

    • 2′ (60 cm) front porch with benches
    • 4′ (120 cm) change room with benches
    • removable flat floor for safe walking
    • not available with front porch

    Pick the roof kit related to the total length of your Barrel Sauna structure

    • for models 8' feet long and shorter
    • for models 9' feet long and larger

    Pick your windows here

    • 2 Windows in Front Wall

    Choose your seating here

    NOTE: Lounge Benches ONLY available for 7' diameter x 7' or 8' long Barrels

    • flat non skirted benches included by default
    • Signature Sauna Bench upgrade includes curved benches, back rests and floor.
    • Adjustable lounge benches available only in 7′ diameter barrels and only 7′ or 8′ long saunas.
  • Don't forget your accessories!

    • Set of 2
    • Set of 2
Product Promo Video
Installation Video
Technical Drawings
Installation Instructions